Monday, June 29, 2009

My New York

I still get lost in New York. But I now embrace my lack of or no direction sense.

Besides, walking that extra avenue is good for my sagging ass. Yup, A friend of mine recently pointed that out to me. I blame gravity and not the late night pizza binges with extra cheese and oil that will make King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud rub his hands in delight.

I love the subway. I entertain myself by concocting stories about the people riding with me.Yesterday I met Jo. Jo works on Wall Street but secretly wants to star on Broadway.His favorite movie is The Sound of Music. He is a bachelor but he is searching for his dream woman, Martha Stewart with a dash of Hilary Clinton.

I want to take a homeless person home and give him/ her a makeover. Imagining the 'before and after 'pictures give me serious goose bumps.

I spend a lot of time on Christopher street.I once went to a bar filled with beautiful men,knowing that we weren't going to get any attention by fluttering our eyelashes and adjusting our well padded bras, my best friend and I pretended to be gay. They welcomed us with arms wide open, I have never felt more accepted in my life. Everyone should be gay.

I don't know where all the single boys in New York are hiding. I was told that I'm looking in the wrong places. So I guess I do spend too much time on Christoper street.

I did attempt to fall in love. I succeeded but he decided to trample on my heart like an enraged circus elephant.My heart still aches and the butterflies that once made me feel giddy, have now turned evil.

I know New York is like the cosmopolitan capital of the world but I happily surround myself with my desi gang. I can be loud,make obnoxiously crude jokes and talk as fast as I want.


  1. I've never been there but i love New York, just like the iconic t-shrit says.

    I love the whole idea of New York. I want to spend at least 6 months of my life there. Soak up on all the urban ‘culture’. Watch Musicals (they are unarguably the best in the world), visit pubs and listen to underground bands, jazz acts, stand ups, video artists. Be part of The Central Park and the Times Square of hurried, smug people. Of warm and clipped smiles. Be part of the cosmopolitan jamboree that New York is...or the New York that Hollywood likes us to believe it is.