Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Why women like men who cry

“My boyfriend cries when he climaxes which, in turn, causes me to have the most intense orgasms,” says Sara, 24, “ the feeling of making a grown man cry makes me feel like I am the sexiest woman alive!” According to a recent study involving 200 women (aged 20 to 26), a man who can cry is every girl’s dream, come true! Men reading this article may scratch their heads and privates in bewilderment. After all, wasn’t the “Sensitive Male” of the 70’s and 80’s (the Erich Segal Love Story kind), a rebound aberration of the 1960’s euphemism for the stereotype, pussy-whipped Jewish husband of a generation ago? Isn’t macho in again?
Not quite. Since women are no longer dependent existentially on the opposite sex, they have become, well, not manly but more like men. Not imitative, but assertively so.
They enjoy sex and don’t care if there is cuddling involved. They visit their favorite taverns after work, smokes cigars, burp, get obnoxiously loud and sometimes even spit. So if a woman can be in touch with her manly side, she can also, as Bob Dylan sang, be “Jes’ Like A Woman” when her lover -- comfortable in his tighty whities, floral shirts, leather pants – cries “I’m gonna hold you till I die … or we’ll both break down and cry …until the fear in me subsides…” Now that’s what makes a woman feel powerful, mighty powerful – as a woman.

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  1. Let me think this over, Sam. (khuch khuch khuch)